OUR SHEQ PROMISE, AND BADGE THAT IS WORN WITH PRIDE. Our BADGE is like our coat of arms and our promise towards exceptional safety, health and environmental respect and the pursuit of absolute quality in everything we do. It is a key message that we wish our partners, staff and the industry to value and is a keystone of our business operations.

Our Badge and Promise to You

At EMS, our commitment to Health, Safety, Environmental respect and quality control is unwavering and is the cornerstone of our business. It’s entrenched in our mission of Zero Harm. Our Badge is our promise, our commitment, which is cast in stone. Specializing in equipping mining staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure SHEQ stewardship, we aim to foster a culture of Zero Harm, via our training academy, Drilltec. This also upskills our staff and promotes our goal of human resource development.


We encourage proactive thinking and mindfulness by all stakeholders on mining operations, our clients, their suppliers and ourselves. In the high-risk environment of mining operations, specifically above ground and below ground blasting, we always anticipate potential hazards and consider that the broader impact of all actions is crucial. By training staff to think critically and foresee risks, we instil a culture of vigilance and prevention, and above all else, confidence in our services. A circle embodies our belief that SHEQ training is continuous and does not cease.

Think Safety

Safety and sustainability is the bedrock of our business. We emphasize the importance of maintaining rigorous continuous educational programs (CPD). Our training empowers mining staff to prioritize safety in every task, ensuring that the well-being of every individual is protected. It also allows an opportunity for cost savings, consulting solutions and enhanced technology deployment to the client. We deliver this training via a state-of-the-art learning management system at our Drilltec academy.

Think Responsibility

Responsibility extends beyond individual actions to encompass a collective commitment to safety and environmental stewardship. We educate staff on their duty to uphold safety protocols and to take ownership of their roles in preventing harm to themselves, their colleagues, and the environment via unparalleled SHEQ practices. For every badge sewn on a cloth, is a promise from us. From us to You.

Think Social

We believe that the well-being of our employees and the communities surrounding mining operations is paramount. Our culture promotes an etiquette of care and mutual responsibility, ensuring that every person feels valued and protected. By fostering safe work environments, we contribute to the social stability and prosperity of mining communities.

Think Economic Principles

Safety and efficiency go hand in hand. Our Zero Harm philosophy not only protects lives but also enhances operational efficiency, reducing downtime and associated costs from accidents and injuries and preventing damage to equipment. By investing in comprehensive safety training, mining companies can achieve higher productivity and economic resilience.

Think Environmental Principles

Mining has significant environmental impacts, and our training programs are designed with a strong emphasis on minimizing these effects. We educate our staff on sustainable practices, waste management, and the importance of reducing environmental footprints. By integrating environmental stewardship into safety training, we ensure that mining operations are conducted responsibly, preserving natural resources for future generations.


Our keystone principle, proven, proves that thinking, education, safety, respect, quality and brand awareness are at the very centre of our mission. If the SHEQ principles must be interconnected. Think Crosshair – The crosshair represents a crisp commitment to Quality, striving to adopt the ISO 14001 ISO 45001 and ISO 9001 management systems.

Our Zero Harm emblem

with its focus on thinking, safety, responsibility and quality, it serves as a constant reminder of our commitment to creating safer, more sustainable mining operations. Together, we can achieve a future where mining is conducted with the utmost respect for people and the planet.